Patches was adopted from PetSmart in 1996 when I worked there one summer as a volunteer. My little darling - she sits up and begs for treats!

Jazzie, Pumpkin, Patches,
Scratchy, Itchy


Shandy walked into our home on July 4, 2000. She is a good watchdog, and very lovable!





Soon to come: pix of Jazzie, Pumpkin, Itchy, Miss Kitty, Sophie, and Jude

Scratchy is very shy, but she has become more friendly since the loss of her sister, Itchy.


Biscuit was only with us for a few months before she was taken by a coyote.



Scratchy and Biscuit

My two favorite things - books and cats!



Sleepy Time Gals

Christmas 2004 - Huntington Dog Beach

Mommy's cat, Sophie
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