"From birth to age 18, a girl needs good parents;
from 18 to 35 she needs good looks;
from 35 to 55 she needs a good personality;
and from 55 on she  needs cash."
 --- Sophie Tucker






"Make your fingers look hungry"

That was one of the many requests Autumn Browne had during her career as a model and actress. Her career began as a journalist, reporting news and weather for a local television station. Upon moving to Hollywood she soon established herself as a television actress, filming over twenty national commercials. She has worked in major nightclubs throughout Southern California as a stand-up comedienne, including headlining at the renowned Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. Her work at the famous club included being part of the improvisation troupe, The Comedy Store Players. She was a Virginia Slims model for two years.

She received her teaching credential from Chapman University and is currently teaching Drama at Brookhurst Junior High School in Orange County.  She has led four drama workshops to New York, and has produced two award-winning movies filmed on these student trips. The Orange County Music and Arts Administrators and the Laguna Playhouse named her 2001 Arts Educator of the Year, the PTA bestowed a 2002 Honorary Service Award, and she was a Bravo Award nominee.

Autumn worked for the Libertarian Political Party as Director of City Tour Fundraising in the 1996 presidential campaign. She was the 1998 and 2000 Libertarian candidate for State Assembly in the 67th District, receiving almost 16,000 votes.  Autumn has served as Area Governor for Toastmasters International and was active with the Greater Long Beach Girl Scout Council. She is on the Board of Directors for New Voices Playwrights Theatre, and wasrecently named to the South Coast Repertory Theatre Education and Community Outreach Advisory Board.

The L.A. Times said that “Autumn Browne directs with tenderness and interesting insights” in reviewing her directorial debut of “Rain” at the Theatre District.  She has directed or produced productions at The Theater District, Costa Mesa Playhouse, The Laguna Playhouse, Chance Theatre, and The Grand Central Art Center. For her production of the comedy melodrama “Pure As The Driven Snow”, the Palos Verdes Players Theatre nominated and awarded Miss Browne “Best Director 1998-1999”. 

On July 22, 1999 Autumn married playwright Michael C. Buss, formerly of the United Kingdom. They met in April 1998 when he hired her for the New Voices Playwrights Workshop. In December 1998 Autumn directed his holiday play "Promises", and following a whirlwind romance they married in Idyllwild, California. Michael and Autumn now reside in West Floral Park, Santa Ana, with theit two dogs, Molly and Bella. The many cats that filled the house some years ago are all now on a higher plane.

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